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Where would we be without our girls? Our bridesmaids are there for us as we stress, and as we celebrate, every event in the wedding planning process. The time commitment your girls make, from the Bachelorette party, bridal showers, rehearsal day, and everything in-between, is enormous. These girls need to know how much we as brides appreciate them without breaking the bank!

Here are our top 5 gifts for your bridesmaids. And, the best part? They are all available at Your Wedding Store in Daytona Beach. Save on shipping, see the product first hand, and Shop local.

#5: Bridesmaid flip-flops

These flip-flops are not only cute, but they are a great and reusable gift! Once your ceremony is over and your girls are ready to party they can kick off their heels and slip into these bridesmaid flip-flops to get the party started!

#4: Bridesmaid Wine Glass
Time to bust out the wedding magazines, Pinterest and your wine glasses! You and your bridal party can use these wine glasses for your long nights of planning, prepping, stressing, and celebrating! (Note: matching bride wine glass is available. With the purchase of 5 bridesmaids your bride will be free! Only at Your Wedding Store in Daytona Beach)

#3: Bridesmaid Bracelet

Loving this gift for your bridesmaids or moms! This box is available in pink, blue or black! Get yours at Your Wedding Store now!

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These bracelets remind your bridal party that you are thankful for their friendship and all of the help they have provided over the last few months of wedding planning. They can wear it at your wedding and for years to come. This bracelet comes in a light blue, hot pink or black box, saving you the time of having to wrap the gift!

#2: Bridesmaid tank top

The gift that keeps on giving! These are great for every bridal event. Your girls can wear these while you go bridal gown shopping, at your bridal showers, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal or even while they get ready on their wedding day (note, a “wifey” tank top is also available, and with the purchase of five bridesmaids tank tops, you will receive the “wifey” tank free)!

#1: Bridesmaid Carry all

We LOVE these bridesmaid carry all cases. They are great for the bridesmaids to hold all of their essentials: makeup, jewelry, hair accessories, and even their bridesmaid flip-flops! These bags are also great for holding your sunscreen and other beach necessities after the wedding, as the inside can be wiped down and kept clean!